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to Jetpack Compose

If you want to improve Compose, join the Kotlin Slack and the #compose channel or file a bug at

to this project

This project is using MkDocs and the MkDocs-Material Theme to generate the pages for Github. The markdown files are located in /docs. The generated files for the GitHub page are in /site. Do not make changes in this folder, they will be overridden.

  • Install plugins

    pip3 install mkdocs-minify-plugin
    pip3 install mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin
    pip3 install mkdocs-minify-plugin
    pip3 install mkdocs-macros-plugin
  • Run docs locally

    To start the mkdocs server locally, run mkdocs serve in a terminal in the project folder.

  • Add/Change docs

    The docs are written in markdown files which are all in /docs. To change the navigation sidebar, you need to edit the mkdocs.yml.

  • Build the docs

    When you run mkdocs build in a terminal in the project folder, the html files be generated to /site.

    When deployed, these files are built for GitHub Pages using a workflow.

Feel free to change/add files and send a pull request.

Last update: February 21, 2021