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Handle changes to a TextField

In some cases, it’s useful to get the value of a textfield every time the text in a text field changes. For example, you might want to build a search screen with autocomplete functionality where you want to update the results as the user types.

Here is an example how you can do it with Compose:

fun TextFieldDemo() {
    Column(Modifier.padding(16.dp)) {
        val textState = remember { mutableStateOf(TextFieldValue()) }
                value = textState.value,
                onValueChange = { textState.value = it }
        Text("The textfield has this text: " + textState.value.text)

The simplest approach is to supply an onValueChange() callback to a TextField. Whenever the text changes, the callback is invoked.

In this example, every time the TextField changes, the new text value will be saved in a state and set to the TextField and the Text.

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Last update: September 3, 2022