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You only need ResponseConverters for cases where you can’t use a suspend function in your interface. For every other case you want SuspendResponseConverter

Because Ktor relies on Coroutines by default your functions need to have the suspend modifier.

Let’s say you have API endpoint to get a list of comments and you want to get them as Flow.

Ktorfit already has a converter for Flow, but it’s used as an example

fun getUser(): Flow<List<Commment>>

Now you need a converter that can convert the HTTPResponse and return a Flow. Create a class that extends Converter.Factory

class FlowConverterFactory : Converter.Factory {

Next you need to overwrite responseConverter()

override fun responseConverter(
    typeData: TypeData,
    ktorfit: Ktorfit
): Converter.ResponseConverter<HttpResponse, *>? {

Inside responseConverter you can decide if you want to return a converter. In our case we want a converter for the type Flow. We can check that case with the typeData that we get as a parameter.

override fun suspendResponseConverter(
    typeData: TypeData,
    ktorfit: Ktorfit
): Converter.SuspendResponseConverter<HttpResponse, *>? {
    if (typeData.typeInfo.type == Flow::class) {
    return null

Next we create the ResponseConverter:

if (typeData.typeInfo.type == User::class) {
    val requestType = typeData.typeArgs.first()

    return object : Converter.ResponseConverter<HttpResponse, Flow<Any>> {
        override fun convert(getResponse: suspend () -> HttpResponse): Flow<Any> {
            return flow {
                try {
                    val response = getResponse()
                    if (requestType.typeInfo.type == HttpResponse::class) {
                    } else {
                        val data = ktorfit.nextSuspendResponseConverter(this@FlowConverterFactory, requestType)
                } catch (exception: Exception) {
                    throw exception

Inside of convert we get the HttpResponse from getResponse(). We use nextSuspendResponseConverter to find the next converter that can convert the response. Then we put the converted response in the Flow and return it.

Finally, add your converter factory to the Ktorfit Builder



Add this dependency:


Ktorfit has support for Kotlin Flow. You need add the FlowConverterFactory() to your Ktorfit instance.

fun getCommentsById(@Query("postId") postId: String): Flow<List<Comment>>

Then you can drop the suspend modifier and wrap your return type with Flow<>


Add this dependency:


fun getPersonById(@Path("id") peopleId: Int): Call<People>
exampleApi.getPersonById(3).onExecute(object : Callback<People> {
    override fun onResponse(call: People, response: HttpResponse) {
        //Do something with Response

    override fun onError(exception: Exception) {
        //Do something with exception

You can use Call to receive the response in a Callback.

Last update: May 26, 2024